Sunday, July 31, 2011

Protest Corvus vs Elentari

Protest of Elentari (bow #18) by Corvus  (bow #33) first leg in Race 4 of the BISF Second Summer Series Night 1 on July 11, 2011 . 

Facts Found:
  • The wind was light (2-3 knots from the West) and the current was flooding ½ knot from right to left
  • Both boats are Star Class sailboats
  • Elentari entered the zone at the windward mark clear ahead of Corvus.
  • Elentari was just below the starboard tack lay line, and Couvus had slightly over stood.
  • At the mark Elantari headed above close hauled to clear the mark and there was approximately ¾ of a boat length between Elentari and the mark as she rounded the mark (position 3).
  • Corvus moving faster than Elentari obtained a late overlap inside at the mark and both boats gybed to port tack (position 4).
  • Elentari luffed Corvus and Corvus promptly responded to the luff up to or slightly above close hauled between positions 4 and 5.
  • There was no contact between the two boats, or between Corvus and the mark.
    Rules that apply:
    Rule 11- On The Same Tack, Overlapped; Rule 12-On The Same Tack, Not Overlapped; Rule 16-Changing Course; Rule 18-Giving Mark Room.

    When Elentari entered the zone clear ahead she was entitled to mark room by rule 18.2(b), which includes room to sail to the mark and then room to sail her proper course while at the mark.  In this case when Elentari rounded the mark at position 3 she left approximately ¾ boat lengths between her and the mark and her proper course at this time was to sail to the next mark at position 4.  When Corvus obtained the inside overlap at position 3 and gybed to port at position 4, she provided adequate room for Elentari to sail her proper course while Elentari was at the mark, and thereby complied with rule 18.2(b).  Between position 3 and 4 Elentari changed course to above her proper course, and provided Corvus adequate room to keep clear while she changed course as required by rule 16.1.  Corvus kept clear as required by rule 11.

    No rule was broken and the protest is dismissed.