Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Arbitration Old Corvus Bow #33 vs Jazz Bow #02

Arbitration Old Corvus vs Jazz  Summer Series 1 Night 3, August 1st, .Race #1


  1. The wind was light (2-3 knots) and had shifted to the right so that the race became a reach to the windward mark and  then a reach back to the finish.
  2. Old Corvus was to leeward of Jazz both on port tack approaching Starlight on Starboard
  3. As Jazz approached Starlight at position 3 she changed course to leeward to clear Starlight's boom.
  4. Old Corvus altered course to avoid Jazz and protested Jazz for not keeping clear. In addition, Old Corvus said Jazz changed course without hailing him and he wouldn't have had to change course to clear Starlight's stern.
  5. There was no contact between Jazz and Starlight or Jazz and Corvus.
Rules That Apply: Rule 19, Room to Pass an Obstruction

Decision: No rule was broken.

Starlight on Starboard tack is an obstruction by the definition because both Old Corvus and Jazz must keep clear of her.  Although Old Corvus can keep clear without altering her course, by rule 19(b) she must also give room to Jazz to clear the obstruction once she has decided, as right of way boat, which side she will pass the obstruction.  Finally, Jazz is not required by the rule to hail Old Corvus for room at the obstruction.  It is perhaps a prudent thing to do, but it is not required by the rule and Jazz does not break a rule by not hailing to Old Corvus for room.