Sunday, September 21, 2008

Star Meeting Notes 9/21/08

Race Schedule / Program
We had our fall meeting and there was a good group of us that discussed and voted on the proposition to change the racing program to have sailing on a single night of the week. After much discussion it was decided to keep it as we currently have it with Sailing on every other Monday and Thursday. Although the poll seemed to indicate otherwise, the difficulty comes in choosing a day that isn't in conflict with another SSSS activity or racing program. In the end those present decided to keep it as is.

In discussing what we could do better, the main issue was shortening the course and seeing the 'S' flag. We will look for ways to make it more visible and make sure that the sound signals are made when it is hoisted. If you want to make a comment about what we can do better next year for the racing program please do so on this page.

Black Star Chair
We need to have a committee chair for the Black Star next year. Since Myra wasn't at the meeting she was nominated and voted unanimously by those present. Thank you Myra for the work you have done in the past and we hope you will do it again.

District 6 Championships
Bill volunteered to chair the District 6 championship regatta committee. We will be looking for others to help with both the Black Star and the Districts. Tentatively we are looking at August 8 and 9. We will confirm the tides and make it official at the annual meeting next year.

Haul Out
We discussed the haul out dates. There will be one haul out the week after the Fall Regatta and another after the Hope Island Dash. We will be setting specific dates and asking all to indicate the date they want to haul out in the next few weeks.

Shop Dates
Bill asked that if you are going to have any major work done on your boat to schedule it early so that you will have enough time to get it done. Staring in January he wants to have the shop free to start bottom painting.

Bill Nominated
Steve Worcester announced that he has nominated Bill, on behalf of the Star Fleet, for the US Sailing Leadership award for this year. If anyone deserves this award it is Bill. Let's hope US Sailing agrees.

Comment if you were present at the meeting and I left anything out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Race Night

I have had discussions with some of you and have heard that it may be desirable to race on a single night rather than alternating between Monday and Thursday. Some have said they think it would increase participation.

What do you think? Vote in the poll on the right and let's see the will of the fleet.