Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Star Hats

Judy is wearing one of the new Star baseball caps Sherwood and Judy have acquired. They ordered them from an embroidery business in Bend, OR.

These are really good quality caps, with which we have previous experience, and which are a pleasure to wear on or off the boat; perhaps other members of the fleet might feel the same.

The cost is $19.00 apiece, plus shipping, for an order of two caps, though the price on a group order would drop proportionally to the number of caps ordered. For example, an order of 12 caps would drop the price to about $16.00 each, plus shipping, an order of 24 to about $15.00 each, and an order of 36 to $14.00 each. Your cap number would be individualized to your hull number. Hats are available in a variety of colors, and the embroidery color could be changed to match the hat color.

Colors Include:
Black, Cardinal, Forest, Gold, Lilac, Lime, Maize, Maroon, Moss, Navy, Olive, Orange, Plum, Pottery, Red, Sage, Sky, Steel Green, Stone, Storm blue, White

Two Tones:
(Crown / Visor)

Forest / Black
; Metro Blue / Stone; Navy / Stone; Olive / Stone; Sage / Black; Stone / Navy; Stone / Plum; Stone / Olive; Stone / Black; Stone / Steel Green; Stone / Storm Blue

The website for eye-of-the-needle with the Harbor style caps is: http://www.driftcreekoutdoors.com/headwear_classics.html

Let us know if you would like to make an order for hats. We will determine the cost after we know how may to order. Leave a comment with the number of hats and the particulars of color, etc.