Friday, October 31, 2008

Celebration for Barb

Come and Celebrate Barb's Life

Date and Time
Sunday December 14th
Between 1:00 – 4:00 PM

Barb’s celebration will be potluck, so please bring one of the following:
1) main dish
2) side dish (salad, desert, appetizer, etc.)
3) beverage (beer, wine, soda, etc.)

Carlyon Beach Homeowners Association Club House
2719 Island Drive NW
Olympia, WA 98502

Directions to Carlyon Beach Club House
From I-5 take exit 104 (Hwy 101 N toward Aberdeen/Port Angeles).
Go approximately 6 miles on Hwy 101. (At the junction Hwy 101 and Why 8 stay right on Hwy 101).
Take the Steamboat Island Rd. turn off (This is the first exit after the highways split).
Go left at the T and proceed past the 76 station and Tavern (on the right) stay on this road until you come to a Stop/Yield sign.
At the Stop/Yield sign, go right. This is now Steamboat Island Rd NW.
Stay on Steamboat Island road for approximately 8 to 9 miles.
Take a right on Island Drive (just after the speed limit drops to 20 mph)
Parking is available at the club house parking lot, which is at the uphill side of the Park (the park will be on your left)

Note: If you want to come by boat from Olympia, guest moorage is available.


On the crisp fall day that was Wednesday, Barb Stuart began her next journey. She was surrounded by family friends. We encircled her bed and her spirit with our love and wished her fair travels.
She was taken off the respirator and the extra paraphernalia was removed. She visibly seemed to relax into the bed. Believe it or not she began to snore. (Those of you who have been lucky enough to travel with Barb – know she snores when relaxed and resting peacefully). We stayed with her throughout the day, telling Barb, Barbara, and Mom stories and laughing together. Barb remained at peace and in no pain.

As the day wore on her blood oxygen levels continued to drop as was expected and consistent with her body shutting down. By evening, we decided to give Barb some time on her own and started our goodbyes. Jenny and Alex took a break - got some dinner and returned later in the evening for some last time alone with Barb. Barb passed away early this morning in the CCU. It was her body that stopped this morning. Her spirit was in that room with her friends and family, and has been nourished by all the love and care her friends and community have been sending her.

Barb made it clear she wanted no funeral or memorial. She wanted to be cremated and her ashes spread someplace remote and wild. She wanted no mourning only celebration. So Jenny has asked that we her friends, help plan a suitable celebration of Barb and her time with us. We are tentatively looking at a time early in December and will for Westbay and her home neighborhood. As more plans develop I will let you know.

Jenny and Alex are busy with the details or pulling the corners of a loved one's life together. You can send cards or your own memories of Barb to Jenny at her Seattle address:

Jenny Stuart
2613 E Aloha Street
Seattle, WA 98112

As I get more information I will continue to pass it on. You can continue to reach me via email:

Thank you for letting me be part of your connection with my dear friend Barb (Barbara or Mom). It has been an honor, a blessing and a gift I treasure..


Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Rule Changes

I found some information on the new rules I thought I would share it with you all. Follow the links below to some a presentation on the new rules and the Rules showing the edits.

EDITED RULES RRS for 2009–2012

Presntation 2 - Changes to RRS for 2009-2012

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hope Island Race

Race Time 1200 October 11, 2008

As most of you know the Hope Island Dash is a race that is usually sailed by an individual when the spirit moves them and starts and finishes along a line that is the extension on the shoal mark and mark 4.

The full instruction are at the following link:

Starting and Finishing
We will not be doing the race at exactly the same way as given in the instruction since we will all be starting together. I will be on my Catalina 36 to start you using our normal 3 minute sequence at 1200. I will be on the extension of the line as described in the Hope Island Dash sailing instructions. You need to start between the committee and the shoal marker but you can finish on either side the committee boat from one side of Budd Inlet to the other. We will take your times based on the staring time and when you cross the line to finish.

Shortening Course
We will see what the conditions are for the race day. If there is little wind or it is from a direction that would make the race less than fun, I will take the temperature of the fleet and we could do some buoy races or we may drop a mark to round in lieu of going around the island. Look for Bill's boat it will be a mark boat should we shorten. The idea is to have fun racing and not bobbing around Budd Inlet all day and night.

If you have a cell phone, please have it on board so that you can contact me if you need a tow or other help during the race. I will ask you to call me on my cell at 360-239-8706 before the race so that I have your number. Gary Pedigo will be out on his boat out to help if you need it, and Jim Findley will be in Bill's boat as support. Please sail by the committee boat so that I can get your bow number and your names before the race, and contact me should you retire so that we don't have to look for you should you not finish.

Please comment if you have any questions or concerns.